A Timeless Soirée: Hermione and Ben’s Romantic Fall Colorado Wedding

Fall Colorado wedding

Hermione and Ben, both accomplished writers, embarked on a journey to create a wedding that echoed the timeless elegance of their love story. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Boulder, Colorado, their fall Colorado wedding at a private estate encapsulated romance and simplicity.

When selecting a friend’s private home as their wedding venue, Hermione and Ben discovered a hidden gem with stunning mountain views. The property became the canvas for their romantic and elegant celebration; it was the ideal setting for a relaxed and timeless feté. 

bride and mother of the bride moments

Hermione and Ben, creative souls with a shared passion for storytelling, found inspiration in the art of crafting narratives. From the moment Hermione made her grand entrance, it was evident that this day would be nothing short of captivating. Clad in a bold yet simple white dress, she gracefully walked down the aisle, escorted by her parents. Both Hermione and Ben chose to walk to different versions of ‘Walk Through This World With Me’ (her, the Tammy Wynette version and Ben, the George Jones version). 

The decision to forgo a wedding party emphasized the couple’s desire for an intimate and personal celebration. As the couple exchanged vows, a friend’s soulful rendition of ‘Show Me’ by the Pretenders echoed through the crisp October air. The leaves, painted in vibrant autumn hues, created a poetic backdrop for this intimate moment and it felt as if time stood still for a few fleeting minutes.

As the sun dipped behind the mountains, casting a beautiful evening glow, guests dined al fresco under the soft twinkle of cafe lights and the last light of the Fall day. Laughter and joy permeated the air. 

Planning a fall Colorado wedding at a private estate presents its own set of unique challenges. However, with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we worked closely with Hermione, Ben, and the property owners to ensure that every detail was in place and each moment could be enjoyed to the fullest.

In the couple’s own words, “We were floored, over and over again, by their impeccable professionalism and the way they anticipated every element, large and small. They made this large and potentially stressful event as painless and joyful as it could be. We trusted them completely from the get-go and only grew more impressed as the months went on. They were, frankly, invaluable.”

As the night unfolded, surrounded by that telltale chill of a Colorado evening in the Fall, it became clear that Hermione and Ben’s wedding was not just an event—it was a timeless love story etched into the fabric of their journey. Every detail, from the heartfelt ceremony to the changing leaves, wove together to create a day that was not only elegant but a true reflection of their unique connection.

Being a part of Hermione and Ben’s wedding was an absolute honor. Crafting an experience that resonated with their love and vision was a joyous one, and we are grateful to have played a role in bringing their dreams to life. Their celebration serves as inspiration for couples seeking a truly unforgettable, intentional experience.

private estate wedding in colorado

If you’re envisioning a wedding that reflects your individuality, surrounded by the beauty of nature and filled with personalized details, we invite you to take this journey with us. Our team specializes in turning dreams into reality and we would be honored to bring your vision to life.

A huge thank you to the vendor team that made this day possible:

Planning & Design: root + gather events

Venue: Early Bird Farms, Boulder, CO

Photography: Rosser Lebeau

Floral Design: A Florae

Catering & Bar: GB Culinary

Rentals & Lighting: All Events Rentals

Entertainment: TH Entertainment

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